Basics of Employee and Employment in Fusion HCM

Basics of Employee and Employment in Fusion HCM

In this article, we will look into the basics of Employee, Employment, and Reverse Termination.

Below you will find all about employment, explained with real-time examples so that it can be easy to understand everyone who is very new to fusion as well as experienced.

Let’s start with answering them one by one. Hope these answers will help you.

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What is employment terms in Fusion HCM ?

All assignments which belongs to a set of employment term automatically inherits any value that you specify on Employee terms. We can say that employment term can control the assignments and it has been designed such that it can support simple as well as complex work relationships.

When we know that a person can have multiple similar assignments in a work relationship and assignments automatically inherit any information which we enter in employment terms. This is because we enter the information once only by using employment terms and this is really efficient.

They are available in employee and non-worker relationships only and are not available in contingent worker. Employee term created only once though an employee is working in two different legal entities.

Employee term used to manage a worker’s relationship with multiple legal employers, multiple assignments with great flexibility.

How to reverse terminate an employee in oracle Fusion HCM ?

Before reversing the termination, we need to terminate an employee then only we can reverse the terminate. We reverse a termination in order to make an employee active again.

So Let’s start with terminating an employee then we will reverse the terminate

How to reverse terminate an employee in Fusion HCM step by step .

Step 1: Go to Person Management and search for the person which you want to terminate .

Step 2: Go to Work Relationship under Personal and Employment

Work Relationship
Work Relationship

Step 3: Click on Action drop down and select Terminate

Step 4: On the Terminate Work Relationship page, choose relevant action, Reason of termination from drop down list and enter Notification Date and termination date. Click review and Submit.

Terminate Work Relationship

Step 5: After terminating an employee, you can see termination date in Employee tab as shown below.

Termination Date

Step 6: This is how we have terminated an employee, now we will reverse this termination. Again go to work Relationship and click on Action you would be able to see below page and click on View Termination. On view Termination Details page , select Reverse Termination

View Termination

You can see below warning, click yes to continue .

So this is how we have reverse the termination.

Work Relationship in oracle Fusion HCM

A work relationship defines how a person and legal employer are related. When you hire an employee you create a person record and a work relationship in Fusion HCM.

Work relationships are created and managed in the Person Management work area. All work relationships must contain at least one assignment.

HR specialists can create a work relationship by selecting the person from Person Management work area and then selecting the Manage Employment task. And after that line managers can select their employee on the My Team or Directory page and then select the Manage Employment task.

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  1. Hi, I have a query.
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