Oracle Fusion HCM Interview Questions & Answers 2020 (part 2)

Oracle Fusion HCM Interview Questions (Top 50)

Q16. How do Flexfields and Value Sets Work Together in Oracle Fusion HCM?

The value sets are specific to your enterprise. When gathering information using flexfields, your enterprise’s value sets validate the values that your users enter based on how you defined the value set. You can assign a value set to any number of flexfield segments in the same or different flexfields. Value set usage information indicates which flexfields use the value set

Q17. How does Geography Structure, Hierarchy, and Validation Fit Together in Fusion HCM ?

So, there are three components which are dependent on each other when defining a country i.e Geography Structure, Geography Hierarchy and Geography Validation.  Each country has to have the geography structure defined first before the hierarchy can be defined, and the geography hierarchy has to be defined before the validation can be defined

Q18. What is Work Relationship in Oracle Fusion HCM?

Work Relationship is the relationship between a person and his or her legal employer within the system. And work relationships are created and managed in the Person Management work area, and all work relationships must contain at least one assignment

Q19. How You Define Approvals for Human Capital Management?

We can manage approval policies using the tasks Manage Approval Transactions for Human Capital Management and Manage Task Configurations for Human Capital Management

Q20. What is the use of sandbox ?

Sandbox is used to control customization efforts without impacting the configuration environment and the users, so it is always better to use sandboxes rather than making changes to mainline code. Also, one can create and test of her/his own customization without affecting other work.

Q21. What is assignment in Oracle Fusion HCM?

Within record, assignment contain all of the necessary information about a person’s role within the legal employer which includes all the info about person, person’s job, Compensation, Position, pay , working ours,managers, location. A person’s assignments can be created/modified on Manage Employment tab under Person Management work area.

Q22. How Do You Set Up Position Synchronization?

In the Setup and Maintenance work area, Go to the Edit Enterprise page and Select Enable Position Synchronization attribute.

Q23. How to Manage HCM Approval Transactions ?

We can use Transaction Console to monitor daily tasks related to HCM approvals . Navigate to menu then select Tools and then Transaction console. To view or configure the approval rules for a transaction, search for the transaction and click the Configure button in the Rules column in the search results

Q24. How do you reverse terminate an employee in Oracle Fusion HCM ?

Go to Manage Work Relationship and then go to actions, view termination and then click on Reverse Termination.

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