Oracle Fusion HCM Interview Questions & Answers 2020 (Part 1)

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Oracle Fusion HCM Interview Questions (Top 50)

Q1. What is Functional Setup Manager in Oracle Fusion HCM ?

FSM is the core component of oracle fusion applications which allows administrator / developers to manage application offerings.And it is used to manage the implementation projects and tasks. With FSM, we can configure applications to match our business needs, implement requirements and enter export-import functional setup data between different instances.

Q2. Can you change the person number all the time in Oracle Fusion HCM ?

So the answer is no, you can change the person number only if your enterprise Person Number Generation Method is Manual. And if it is Automatic, you won’t be able to change the person number.

Q3. What is LDG in Oracle Fusion ?

LDG means Legislative Data Group. LDG are means of partitioning payroll and related data. At least one data group is required for each country where your enterprise operates. Each Legislative data group is associated with one or more Payroll Statutory Unit.

Q4. 2 tier and 3 tier Architecture in Oracle Fusion HCM ?

In short,

  • Two Tier – includes Work Relationships and Assignment
  • Three Tier – includes Work Relationships, Employment terms, and Assignments

Q5. What do you understand by Reference Data Sharing (RDS) ?

Reference Data Sharing (RDS) sharing facilitates sharing of configuration data such as jobs and payment terms, across organizational divisions or business units. We define reference data sets and determine how common data is shared or partitioned across business entities to avoid duplication and reduce maintenance effort

Q6. How to implement Core HR setup in Fusion HCM ?

Please find the detailed steps to implement core HR setup in this article

Q7. What is the difference between Job and Position ?

Job is a generic role within business group, which can be defined globally in the common set.

Position is a specific occurrence of a job, fixed within one organization.

For example: Developer is Job and Senior Software Engineer is a position

Oracle Fusion HCM Interview Questions 2020

Q8. ESC (Enterprise Structure Configurator) in Oracle Fusion HCM ?

The ESC is an interview-based tool which guides you through the process of setting up a basic enterprise structure. So by answering questions about your enterprise, the tool creates a structure of divisions, legal entities, business units, and reference data sets that reflects your enterprise structure

Enterprise Structure Configurator (ESC)

Q9. Why to use Grades, Grade Ladder in Oracle Fusion ?

Grade refers to an employee’s level of compensation. To get started in HCM, we will need to create grades to record the details of an employee’s pay.

Grade ladders help keep your grades organized. Grades and grades with steps can be added to ladders to keep all this information grouped.

For instance, you might create three grade ladders for your enterprise: one for administrative grades, another for management grades, and a third for technical grades.

Q10. What is position synchronization?

Position synchronization is when assignments inherit the values of a predetermined position. So if a set of values like job title, location, and manager are detailed in an assignment, you can synchronize those values with an associated position.

Q11. What is Flexfield ?

 Flexfiled is a set of placeholder fields associated with business objects and placed on the application pages to contain additional data. Also you can use flexfields to modify the business objects and meet enterprise data management requirements without changing the data model. And also flexfields help you to capture different data on the same database table and provide a means to modify the applications features.

Q12. What is geography structure?

We can say, a geography structure is a hierarchical grouping of geography types for a country, geography types can be State, city, postal code and county.

Q13. What is Legal Entity in Oracle Fusion HCM ?

Go through this article to know what is Legal Entity in detail.

Q14. What is Reverse Termination ?

In Manager Self-Service, a line manager will submit a termination. If the termination was incorrect or needs to be reversed the HR Specialist will then reverse the termination. You reverse termination in order to make employee active.

Q15. What are the Work Relationship types in oracle fusion HCM ?

Employee, Nonworker, Contigent Worker, Employee, and Nonworker.

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