Oracle Fusion HCM – Core HR Setup Steps in detail

Oracle Fusion HCM Core HR setup steps 

Oracle Fusion HCM Core HR setup Steps are below :

1) Sign in to the Oracle Fusion HCM cloud application 

  • Oracle Fusion HCM Core HR setup first step is begin with sign in using the oracle cloud application URL as a user with application implementation consultant role

Oracle HCM Cloud Sign in Page

2) Go to setup and maintenance 
  •  Furthermore similarly select Setup and Maintenance in the Navigator from the work area.

Setup and Maintanance

 3)  In the Setup page, select the offering which you want to implement

  • Then select Go to Offerings from action drop-down list
Go to Offerings
  •   So we can enable only functional areas which we are going to implement
  •   Indeed, the primary functional areas of this offering are:
         1) Workforce Deployment

          2)Workforce Development and
         3)Compensation Management and
         4)Recruiting and Candidate Experience

Workforce Deployment
  • Finally to setup Core HR we should select Workforce Deployment

(Navigator: Setup and Maintenance Tasks  Search for eg. Manage Geographies)

   4) Load geographies
  • then perform the task load geographies
  • for ex. Load US Geographies if you are using US Payroll

Load Geographies

   5) Manage Geographies
  • Further, perform the task Manage Geographies.
  • Earlier, you need to create a geography structure for each country for defining which geography types are part of the country structure, and after that how the geography types are hierarchically related within the country structure. Certainly in short this is to enable the list of values for address fields in the application.
  • For ex. we can create geography types called state, city, County, Postal code 
  • In addition you can create and add geography type if you go to Structured Defined Option as shown in below snapshots.

Manage Geographies
Manage Geographies 1

    6) Establish enterprise structures.
  •   Perform the task Establish Enterprise Structures
  •   specifically to define enterprise structures, use the guided flow about your enterprise and then create divisions, business units, reference data sets and create legal entity .

Establish Enterprise Structure


Enterprise Structure

   7) Establish job and position structures.
  •    Perform the task Establish Job and Position Structures and
  •    therefore finally we manage jobs, positions and details and valid grades for the position and job details

Manage Job and Position

   8) Review and Load enterprise configuration
  • Here we need to perform two tasks that are Review Enterprise Configuration and Load Enterprise Configuration
  • Furthermore this process creates the physical entities which we defined in the enterprise, and jobs and positions
Enterprise Structure 1
Enterprise Structure 

These are the Oracle Fusion HCM Core HR Setup steps .

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  1. Thanks for sharing the information…it is very clear to understand who doesn't have basic knowledge also.. screenshots are helping a lot…if possible please share knowledge on few other concepts it will be really helpful

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